All About Buying New Tires

We all know it’s important to compare quality vs. price when we’re shopping for tires. But if you’re like most Americans, you probably aren’t familiar enough with tires to know what to look for. Do more expensive tires necessarily mean “better” tires? What features do I definitely need as opposed to ones that are just nice to have? If you’re not sure, don’t feel bad; you’re in the majority. Very few of us are PhDs in tire compounds, and it really wouldn’t matter if we were – tires are something you buy only once ever few years. But when that time to buy new tires comes along, we still want to make a smart buying decision. After all, your precious family will be riding on them, so you need to make a wise choice. So here are a few rules of thumb to follow.  Visit here: tire store San Antonio

Higher priced tires don’t always mean higher quality. If a tire compound is higher priced, it could be that it is made of a different scientific compound that grips the road better. But here’s the problem – the more “grip” a tire has, the faster it will wear out, which is something you don’t want. There’s no sense buying high-performance tires for your family car if you’re going to have to change them in a short time.

Instead, your family ride not only needs a tire with decent grip, but also long life and good tread wear. That’s why most standard car owners do best with a good all-season tire. Though they lack the precise grip of a sports car tire, they offer superior tread wear and a comfortable ride. Most come at a very reasonable price, as well. Most average between 14 and 18 inches and will last you up to 100,000 miles or more. For instance, Cooper Trendsetter tires have a pretty aggressive tread design that holds up in all types of weather. They move easily through snow and slush in the winter and have proven to give a smooth ride and good traction control. But the key here is tire life. They’ve been proven to last a long time with no problems. And that’s what you hope for in a tire – dependability with no problems.

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